Some Fun New Features in Windows 10

In our June 2020 monthly event, Lisa Salinger joins us to discuss and demonstrate some of her favorite features in the 2004 update of Windows 10.

Lots Of Fun With The InsideOne

In our May 2020 free event, we were joined by Igor Feinberg of InsideVision and Barry Scheur of GuideLights and Gadgets to discuss and demonstrate the InsideOne Windows 10 Braille tablet. We describe and demonstrate the features and functions of this innovative all-in-one Windows 10 Braille solution, and answer your questions.

Practical Ways to Stay Connected During Corona Virus

This is the recording of our event from April 16, 2020. Because our lives are a bit surreal at the moment, we wanted to compile a list of helpful resources, both free and paid, to assist you in creating more convenience, relaxation and calm. And while much of the info here is time sensitive, all … Read more

Life With Leasey

This is our event recording from March 26, 2020. If you’re seeking an easier, more intuitive way to utilize applications on your PC such as checking email, browsing the internet, scheduling events, checking the weather, adding HTML to a document, using the clipboard, and so much more, then Leasey may be your answer. Leasey functions … Read more

Answering The call with Ease Using The BlindShell Phone

This is the recording of our February 2020 free event on the BlindShell Classic phone. We demonstrate this intuitive cell phone’s features and answer questions from participants. Mystic access distributes the BlindShell Classic. We also created a free six-hour comprehensive audio tutorial on its use. If, after listening to this event and the tutorial, if … Read more

A World Of Discovery With Audio Description Services

Our free virtual event for January 2020 was on audio description. We discussed a bit about the history of audio description, how one can utilize audio described content for use on and offline, benefits of audio description, and so much more. Be sure to listen to the Q and A section at the end, as … Read more

A Few of Our Favorite Things

This is the event recording from December, 2019. As in years past, we wanted to focus this event on something related to holiday shopping. This year, Chris and Kim each share three of our favorite sites to shop from, focusing specifically on small companies and entrepreneurs. Other class participants also shared a number of great … Read more

Your Choice of Voice — The Fun of Using Text to Speech Voices

In this event recording from October 2019, Chris and Kim discuss the various text to speech (TTS) voices available for various platforms, and demo several to give you an idea of the variety of voices that are currently out there. Whether you primarily use iOS, Android, PC, Mac or a Fire tablet, or several of … Read more

What’s New With iOS 13

In this event recording from September 2019, Lisa Salinger joins the team as we discuss the new features and bugs introduced in iOS 13. If you’re listening to this months after the fact, you’ll still likely find some interesting info here about the cool abilities now available in this version of iOS. Great questions were … Read more

A World Of Chromebooks

In this event recording from August 2019, Chris discusses and demonstrates the power and productivity of Chroemebooks. Learn what a Chromebook is, its advantages, how it differs and is similar to a PC or Mac, how its screen reader is used, and much more.