BlindShell Classic Mobile Phone DAISY Audio Tutorial

BlindShell Classic Mobile Phone DAISY Audio Tutorial

This is the DAISY version of our six-hour audio tutorial on the BlindShell Classic mobile phone.

Please Note: While AT&T service is referenced in this tutorial, as of February 2022, T-Mobile or a service that uses the T-Mobile network is the only available option in the US.

In this comprehensive audio documentation, Chris and Kim share the benefits of the phone, orient you so that you can use it easily, and share the wealth of features, functions and fun the BlindShell Classic provides. If you're seeking a mobile phone with an intuitive interface, tactile physical buttons and voice prompts at every step, the BlindShell delivers!

BlindShell classic Tutorial Table of Contents

  • What is the BlindShell Classic / why might you want it?
  • What's in the box?
  • Orientation to the phone.
  • Putting in the battery.
  • Putting in the SIM / SD cards.
  • Charging with the USB / doc.
  • Powering on the phone.
  • Initial tutorial.
  • Orientation to button functionality.
  • Navigating the menu.
  • Powering off the phone. Reminder about how to power it back on.
  • Status info.
  • Notifications.
  • Manual.
  • Getting help.
  • Settings -- configuring your Blind Shell. This includes sections on:
  • sounds, including changing ringtones, voice input, etc.
  • keyboard
  • display, including brightness, screen lock, etc
  • networks
  • phone menu mode
  • BlindShell update
  • date, time, and time zone
  • about phone/ registering your BlindShell Classic
  • Adding / editing / deleting contacts.
  • Configuring the emergency SOS button.
  • Using the phone with your voice. Voice control, voice dialing and voice dictation.
  • Making and receiving calls.
  • Setting up / using speed dials.
  • Creating and receiving text messages.
  • More applications -- section overview.
  • Tools and associated apps. This will include sections on:
  • alarms
  • minute timer
  • stopwatch
  • calendar
  • notes
  • voice recorder
  • calculator
  • weather
  • translator
  • Email. Configuring / checking / composing, etc.
  • Media, which will include sections on:
  • music player
  • internet radio
  • Youtube
  • FM Radio
  • camera and images
  • Books, which includes book reader and library
  • Vision Aids, which includes:
  • color indicator
  • localization
  • object tagging
  • flashlight
  • Updating the BlindShell.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • More resources and concluding thoughts.

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